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The perfect lubricant: for smooth gliding right from the very start.

  • lubricant
  • safe with condoms
  • water base
  • leaves no residue
  • 3.4 fl. oz. / 100 ml aluminium bottle
  • Note: Contact with other oils and creams may cause irreversible damage to the control unit and the entire toy.
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TOYFLUID – pleasantly reduces friction

TOYFLUID. For smooth enjoyment. Lubricant for easy insertion.

  • Safe with condoms
  • Water base
  • Leaves no residue
  • For all silicone sex toys
  • In aluminum dispenser or sachet

Being a little fluid is generally important in life, but in your love life it's a must. Introducing TOYFLUID, the gentle companion for sex toys. This pleasant water-based lubricant is perfect for silicone toys. It reduces unwanted friction and eases insertion right from the start for pleasure without regret. TOYFLUID is safe to use with condoms, is easy to be remove and leaves nothing behind, but a satisfied smile.

For larger and smaller appetites

TOYFLUID is easily dispensed from an aluminum bottle (100 ml) with an elegant metallic look or in smaller amounts from a sachet (4 ml).

  • SKU: 71100 - EAN: 4032498711003

Note: Please use only TOYFLUID or another water-based lubricant with your FUN FACTORY toy. Otherwise, you run the risk of voiding your warranty.

The use of other oils and creams with FUN FACTORY toys may result in irreparable damage. In particular, contact with suntan lotion or sunscreen, lip care products, essential oils, coconut oil, and edible oils of any type can cause damage. Please DO NOT use any of the products listed above in combination with a FUN FACTORY toy, or you will run the risk of losing your warranty rights.


Contact with oils and creams (sunscreen, edible oil, lip balm, etc.) may cause irreversible damage to the control unit and the entire toy.

Please read this note about the use of other lubricants than the TOYFLUID.


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