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    The greatest pleasures are shared

    • Double dildo
    • Comfortable handling
    • Vaginal and anal stimulation
    • Easy to insert
    • Pleasure both the active and passive partner
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    SHARE – shared fun, double the passion

    With the double dildo SHARE couples can share thrilling moments and soar together into ecstasy. The soft high quality silicone makes insertion and stimulation a sensual and easy experience. DILDOS, like all dildos from FUN FACTORY, are flexible without compromising on the necessary firmness. They are gentle to the body, easy to care for and hypoallergenic. Plus they are made of 100% medical grade silicone.

    • The SHARE double dildo for the average user
    • Vaginal and anal stimulation
    • Easy to insert
    • Scooped base for comfortable hold
    • Flexible silicone allows freedom of movement
    • Powerful, naturalistic shape
    • Great for pegging
    • Suitable for harnesses
    • Made of 100% medical grade silicone
    • Hypoallergenic, easy to clean
    • Passive part: 10 cm, Ø 2.9 - 4.2 cm
    • Active part: 16 cm, Ø 2.7 - 4.2 cm

    The CoupleTOYS from FUN FACTORY were created especially for pairs who want to experience their erotic sides together. No taboos and yet sensitive, SHARE offers countless stimulation possibilities. SHARE is perfectly suited for passionate togetherness minus any unnecessary frills.

    The shorter end of this passionate twosome is made for women. It sits right where it should and stays there – better than any other comparable couple toy on the market. The SHARE simultaneously stimulates the active and the passive side. The longer end pleasures the playmate. Perfect hold, a slightly curved tip and a flexible consistency guarantee on-target stimulation.

    Pairs enjoy really intense moments with the double dildo SHARE and conquer new spheres of ecstasy. SHARE is the toy for active women (and men) who know what they want and love to live out their fantasies with a thrill-seeking partner.

    The double dildo is easy to insert, comfortable to handle and wins over fans with its powerful, naturalistic shape. STUBS, like all DILDOS from FUN FACTORY, are made of 100% medical grade silicone. They are flexible without compromising on the necessary firmness, gentle to the body, easy to care for and hypoallergenic. Whether in a cool shower, a warm bathtub or in the bedroom – diverse adventures are guaranteed.

    SHARE stands for heady fun and extravagant moments for two. Double the passion which always arises when you share.

    • SKU: 24406 - EAN 4032498244068 (Violet)
    • SKU: 24408 - EAN 4032498244082 (Black)

    SHARE can be used by lesbian and heterosexual couples. 


    A: passive part (stays inserted)
    B: active part (pleasures the partner)


    Passive part: 10 cm, Ø 2.9 - 4.2 cm
    Active part: 16 cm, Ø 2.7 - 4.2 cm
    1.0 lb


    It’s submersible waterproof!


    FUN FACTORY offers a diverse and colorful spectrum of toys all made with 100%medical-grade silicone!


    Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use with warm water and a mild soap. The CLEANER is especially suited for cleaning erotic toys as well as for gently washing genital areas.


    A few drops of lubricant ensure a pleasant feeling when inserting the toy. FUN FACTORY recommend a water-based lubricant such as the TOYFLUID.


    For more information please download our  user manual.


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