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    You know you like it large.

    • A large version of our bestselling plug
    • Curved for prostate play
    • Perfect for anal play enthusiasts
    • Flexible base for comfort & extended wear
    • Prep for anal sex or enjoy on its own!
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    BOOTIE LARGE – That’s a nice Bootie.

    Whether you learned to love butt play from the original BOOTIE SMALL plug or you’re an ass play enthusiast looking for something large, this plug combines serious size with the most comfortable design out there.

    • Non-porous and easy to clean
    • Tapered tip for easy insertion
    • Base fits perfectly between your cheeks
    • An ideal intermediate butt toy
    • Size: 11,1 cm and Ø 1,9 - 4,05 cm
    • Body-safe materials - Love yourself

    If you crave that full feeling, this is your plug. With a serious curve and a pleasingly wide stem, the BOOTIE LARGE is the butt plug for prostate play enthusiasts and anyone else who wants a comfortable, well-designed toy that doesn’t compromise on size. With its flexible silicone base that fits nicely between your cheeks, the BOOTIE LARGE gives you an awesome way to experience serious anal play while your hands are busy with other things.

    • SKU: 24708 - EAN: 4032498247083 (black)
    • SKU: 24767 - EAN: 4032498247670 (bordeaux)

    BOOTIE LARGE is meant for anal use.


    It’s submersible waterproof!


    11,1 cm and Ø 1,9 - 4,05 cm, 108 g


    FUN FACTORY offers a diverse and colorful spectrum of toys all made with 100%medical-grade silicone!


    Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use with warm water and a mild soap. The CLEANER is especially suited for cleaning erotic toys as well as for gently washing genital areas.


    A few drops of lubricant ensure a pleasant feeling when inserting the toy. FUN FACTORY recommend a water-based lubricant such as the TOYFLUID.


    For more information please download our user manual.


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